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Blockchain Based Business Development

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investing And Trading

Educational Content Creation Through Video and Article Posts

Hive Engine Witness Node Operator

WordPress/WooCommerce Site Development and Blockchain Integration

The Future is in Blockchain

We are in an age where technology is king.  The invention of Bitcoin and blockchain was one of those revolutionary technologies that came along at the right time in history when mankind needed it the most, although most still don’t realize why they need it.

The problem with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that is can be extremely difficult to get a grasp of what it is or how to use it.

With all the different assets that are out there and with the mainstream media not knowing what they are talking about, someone may need a hand at figuring out this crazy space. 

That’s where I come in!

Want an idea of what I can do?

Projects Built In The Logical Labs

Liberating the Music Industry with NFTs and DAOs
Coin Logic
Cryptocurrency Market Data, Charts, News, and More
Classifieds Network | NFT Marketplace | Retail and Services
Community For Entrepreneurs on the Hive Blockchain
Weedcash Store
Merchandise Store for the Weedcash Network

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‘How To Build Your Digital Empire On A Budget Using Digital and Physical Products, While Building Your Affiliate Army’ is about simply that, building your own online e-commerce business while you are on a budget. In today’s time, it is important to understand that anyone can start their own business, no matter what kind of budget you are on. 

The book discusses different ways to start a business using digital products that can be resold, digital designs you purchase or make yourself that can be made into physical products and sold using processes like dropshipping. Also discussed is also how to build your affiliate marketing strategy behind your business to help it grow. That means getting other people to sell your products for you. If this peaks your interest, you might want to invest in yourself and read the rest of the book!

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Taking A Look At Composite: A Collateralized Stablecoin for IBC Build On Comdex

With the world looking at stablecoins, especially after the epic melt down of Terra's algorithmically driven stablecoin, UST, another option is on the horizon! Comdex is getting ready to launch their Composite stablecoin, which is collateralized stablecoin built on their Comdex blockchain! What is Comdex? For those that do not… [See More on Hive...]

Bitcoin Holding On To 30K Support For Dear Life! How Low Do You Think We Can Go?

Well, the Bitcoin bulls are holding on for dear life at the 30K support level which is actually good that we are building market support at this level. If we can't hold this level, the next stop is 25k, which there is not much, or really any support. After that,… [See More on Hive...]

We Are carbonZERO - An Eco Friendly Cosmos Ecosystem Validator - Hive Introduction

Hello Hive! We are carbonZERO! What we are is a full service, eco-conscious validator node operator for the Cosmos ecosystem, providing infrastructure for the $CMDX, $HUAHUA, $NOM, $ROWAN, & $CRBRUS chains. We currently also run a $JUNO validator, but are in the inactive set at time of writing. The Tech… [See More on Hive...]

Hivelist Is 2 Years Old Today! Celebrating With Some History And A LIST Token Burn!

Watching a project come to life is like watching a child grow! Today, 2 years ago, my first blockchain based child was born! It was spawned the day after my last day in an 8 year career with Apple. As soon as I had learned that once I was finished… [See More on Hive...]

Pancakeswaps New Trading Platform and More Downside for Bitcoin

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to another Coin Logic Mid Week Update. Today we are looking at the Bitcoin charts and the fact that we may be looking for some more downside action. We are also looking at the trending markets and seeing what is gaining… [See More on Hive...]

## Hive Is Up Almost 10% In The Last 24 Hours! Can It Hold?
Hey #Leofi ...

Hive Is Up Almost 10% In The Last 24 Hours! Can It Hold? Hey #Leofinance friends! Looking at #Hive on the 4HR #chart, we can see some bullish momentum, but possible correction may be incoming! Needs to hold the $.48 level as support or we may see downside to $.35. [See More on Hive...]

Van Life Stories - The Alternator Adventures

So as if the past week wasn’t enough of a trainwreck due to The market drops and Terra exploding in which I had a bunch of UST locked up in Osmosis LP, which never again… But anyway, my electrical system in the van started giving me issues. Got a new… [See More on Hive...]

Well That Was One Hell Of A Week - Vent Post - Issues and Updates

What a freaking week am I right? I mean it was one of those one thing after another kind of weeks. First the bottom falls out of UST, in which I had a decent amount paired against OSMO in the Osmosis DEX, and yeah, basically going to lose allot on… [See More on Hive...]

Encouraging Young Artists and Entrepreneurs on Hivelist!

Here at Hivelist, we stive to help people create their own businesses and side hustles from all walks of life! So why should kids be any different! I want to introduce everyone to @wkm here on Hive! She is a young artist who wanted to know how she could make… [See More on Hive...]

Bear Markets Are For Building - The Logical NFTs Coming May 25! You Are Going To Need Some pHBD!

With the markets in turmoil, the world seems like it is ending. But it's really just shifting. Lessons have been learned, money has been lost, but life goes on, and so does the building! I am excited to announce the launch of The Logical NFTs on Polygon! Minting starts on… [See More on Hive...]

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