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The Aftermath of the Bitcoin Halving

The recent Bitcoin halving event has stirred up many different debates among investors and analysts alike. This event, which happens about every four years, chops the rewards for miners in half, effectively reducing the new supply of Bitcoin entering the market. This time the halving was met with a ton [See More on Hive...]

Celebrating 10 Years of Monero- A Decade of Privacy and Security Excellence

Monero (XMR), the esteemed privacy-centric cryptocurrency, marks its 10th birthday today as a fully operational blockchain. Over the past decade, Monero has distinguished itself as a premier privacy coin, offering users unparalleled financial privacy and security in comparison to more transparent blockchain networks. In the spirit of celebrating 10 years [See More on Hive...]

Could 50K Bitcoin Be In The Cards?

Hear me out... I know it's just a couple of days before the halving, but the selling pressure is still strong on BTC and has hit the 60K level without showing signs of slowing the pace to the downside. This makes me think that 50K-52K is possibly in the cards [See More on Hive...]

What Would You Buy With Crypto?

They cryptocurrency space has changed in many ways over the years and has seemed to have lost it's way as a peer to peer currency that was meant to help create a new economy for freedom loving people. But, we have to remember that crypto is more than just an [See More on Hive...]

Understanding Blockchain Forks And How They Work

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we perceive transactions and data integrity. At the heart of this technology is the concept of a blockchain, a decentralized ledger that records all transactions across a network of computers. However, what happens when disagreements arise within the community about the direction of the [See More on Hive...]

Needed A Watering Can For The Garden So I 3D Printed One

Getting things ready to set up the hydroponic gear and realized I needed a watering can to fill my self watering seed starters. This looked like another job for the 3D printers! So I went onto Thingiverse.com and found a designed I liked, downloaded the file, set the print settings, [See More on Hive...]

Fort Chick Just Got A Much Needed Upgrade

My little homestead chicken pen which I had given the name Fort Chick got a much needed upgrade today. The netting on top of the pen is a two fold operation. It keeps the chickens from flying out, and keeps hawks and other predators from flying in. The problem though, [See More on Hive...]

Making More Useful Farm Stuff By 3D Printing And Recycling

While the Bitcoin and crypto markets are taking a dive today, I decided to take the time to get out in the beautiful sunshine and get a project done on the homestead. My folks are back in town and brough back all the good tools, so I am getting some [See More on Hive...]

Why It's Important to Spend HBD

Hive Backed Dollars, or HBD, is a very important part of what makes the Hive Blockchain valuable. The stablecoin is meant to be a medium of exchange, encouraging people to transact with each other in a new parallel economy while keeping stability in service and product prices. The introduction of [See More on Hive...]

Bitcoin's Reaction to CPI and PPI Interest Rates

Bitcoin's been on a wild ride the last couple of days with the US CPI and PPI data being released. Inflation is the main topic in the overall finance world as nobody really knows what is going to happen, but speculation is certainly mounting. So let's talk a look at [See More on Hive...]

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