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First Logo Prototypes For Moss Rock Farms Hydroponics Gear

This week was more swimming in the 3D printing pool. I finally got started messing around with Tinkercad, which is a free online 3D modeling program, and learned how to emboss and engrave my logo in the products. These are prototypes that I am going to use in my own [See More on Hive...]

3D Printing Lessons Learned and Farm Upgrades

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I have been learning some big lessons in the 3D printing world which has led to a new purchase and some upgrades for the printer farm. Filament dryers are essential to keep your filament dry so that you can get quality prints and not waste a [See More on Hive...]

BlockTunes Live with Groove Logic 003

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Today we have another slamming drum and bass set from our own @groove-logic! Next week will be a little something different, I promise! Set List: Sentimentality- Logistics Rituals- Millbrook Remember Me (feat. Scrufizzer and Flirta D)(Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)- Milli Major Antidote- Accelerated Culture Feel It- [See More on Hive...]

My Feathered Girls Have Given Me My First Dozen Eggs!

I have hit a milestone pretty quick with only 2 hens. I now have my first official dozen eggs harvested from the homestead! I have figured out which one gives me more eggs. The older hen gives the lighter color and the younger one is giving me more dark brown [See More on Hive...]

The Role of Stablecoins In The New Crypto Based Economy

Cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile when it comes to price action. Many assets move several percent in a day. Stablecoins act as a buffer, giving crypto users and traders a 'safe haven' from the crazy market volatility. Unlike assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, whose values can fluctuate wildly, stablecoins [See More on Hive...]

Common Mistakes New Traders Make and How to Avoid Them

Trading can be an exciting journey, but it's easy to stumble along the way, especially when you're just starting out. This causes many people to get frustrated and in many cases want to quit trading all together. I have been there and completely understand that mindset. But, in this post [See More on Hive...]

Fort Chick Is Finished and Other Farm Planning

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I am so excited that things are finally starting to take shape here on the homestead farm. The stage is being set, now all I need are the funds to make it all happen. I am so far doing this all with just the bit of [See More on Hive...]

When Your Gear Fails You- Surviving Mishaps On Stage

Hey there fellow musicians! So, I want you to imaging the scene: you're super pumped, adrenaline's rushing through your veins, and you're about to take the stage. But then, it happens. Your equipment decides to throw a temper tantrum right when you need it the most. Cue the panic, right? [See More on Hive...]

Making Compost Bins Out Of Old Trash Cans on the Homestead Farm

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In today's video I am making a couple of compost bins out of old trash cans to put this pile of compost in so I can get it working a bit better. Not only that, I need to keep the animals out of it. I had [See More on Hive...]

What is scared money in forex?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. This is a play on words from a popular saying in the hip hop scene that goes “Scared money don’t make money!” The premise of the saying is that people who are too afraid to take risks in music, business and life won’t [See More on Hive...]

‘How To Build Your Digital Empire On A Budget Using Digital and Physical Products, While Building Your Affiliate Army’ is about simply that, building your own online e-commerce business while you are on a budget. In today’s time, it is important to understand that anyone can start their own business, no matter what kind of budget you are on. 

This eBook contains most everything someone will need to know to get started on their journey to becoming a trader in the financial markets based on the author’s experience trying figure out how it all worked. We break things down into easy-to-understand topics that anyone can grasp!