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DIY Shelf Unit With Recycled Pipe and Countertops- Making Junk Useful Again!

When you have a problem, just look around for things to use to create the solution! That's what I did today when building a shelf unit to store all of my 3D printed inventory to get it out of the way of my workspace. I used some old 3 inch [See More on Hive...]

Inventory Table Is Getting A Bit Full- More GroLogic Products Coming Off The Line

Things are starting to get real here in the Logical Labs to the point that my work table is getting full with inventory ready for sale and prototypes and imperfect models that I will be using here on the homestead farm. Today I am going to be figuring out some [See More on Hive...]

What Is Ethereum? From DEFI to Wall Street

If you’ve been hearing a lot about cryptocurrencies lately and felt a bit lost, you’re not alone. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting to dip your toes into the world of digital currencies, understanding Ethereum can open up a world of opportunities for you and your portfolio. Ethereum [See More on Hive...]

HivePay Payments Is Back On The Hivelist Store!

Hello Hivers! We are very happy to announce that we have added the @hivepay-io payment system back to the Hivelist Store as the first payment option at checkout! You can now pay with your choice of HIVE, SWAP.HIVE, HBD, and SWAP.HBD. We are considering some other Hive Engine tokens like [See More on Hive...]

Birthday Shenanigans- Drones, Bandos, and Buds!

It was a great birthday weekend! One of the best birthday weekends I have had in a long while. Got to hang out with my best friend and his drone crew and tagged along to some abandoned sites and watched them rip it up. These guys aren't your average drone [See More on Hive...]

SEC Approves Spot Ethereum ETFs

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just given the green light to list spot Ethereum ETFs, marking a huge step forward for the crypto market. After months of speculation and initial resistance, the SEC's approval is a major milestone and a slap in the face of Bitcoin maxis [See More on Hive...]

How to Recover and Get Back to Smart Trading After a Big Loss

What's happening traders? If you're reading this, chances are you've experienced the gut-wrenching, sleepless nights that come with a big loss or a series of losing trades. Trust me, I know how it feels. Not too long ago, I found myself in the same boat, staring at my screens and [See More on Hive...]

Hivelist Is Turning 4 Years Old- Celebrating 4 Years of E-Commerce on Hive

We are celebrating our 4th birthday as on of the first e-commerce solution for the Hive blockchain. The last 4 years have been filled with ups and downs, but we are still around! Our project has taken on different shapes over the years, but that is what innovation is all [See More on Hive...]

Gardening Toolset Being Prototyped In The Labs- More 3D Printed Awesomeness

Every gardener needs their tools, so I figured GroLogic Solutions needed a good tool set available for sale. I found a great little set design on Thingiverse that was 3 standard gardening tools that also came with their own little storage and display box! I took the files into good [See More on Hive...]

The Market Is Your Biggest Teacher- Giving Out Life Lessons Daily

Well, it is my first day back in the markets in some time. I had an awesome trade early in the morning on Ethereum, but then ended up giving it right back because I was not patient enough to wait on my signals like I am supposed to. I got [See More on Hive...]

‘How To Build Your Digital Empire On A Budget Using Digital and Physical Products, While Building Your Affiliate Army’ is about simply that, building your own online e-commerce business while you are on a budget. In today’s time, it is important to understand that anyone can start their own business, no matter what kind of budget you are on. 

This eBook contains most everything someone will need to know to get started on their journey to becoming a trader in the financial markets based on the author’s experience trying figure out how it all worked. We break things down into easy-to-understand topics that anyone can grasp!