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Flying Stacks on a Stormy Saturday- FPV.SkyDive Drone Simulator

▶️ Watch on 3Speak So it's a bit stormy outside today so I am staying in and getting some stack flying practice in on FPV.SkyDive which is a free FPV drone simulator game on Steam. I am back at the Abandoned Factory map and flying around the old smoke stacks. [See More on Hive...]

Why Copy Trading Is Not a Long-Term Option

In the world of trading, many people prefer to be handed profits on a silver platter rather than putting in the effort to learn how the markets actually work. It's much like wanting to be fed fish instead of learning how to catch them. This has led to a surge [See More on Hive...]

Hive Node Setup for the Smart, the Dumb, and the Lazy.

Hive consensus node - simple way Requirements: Hardware: x86-64, 32GB RAM, 1TB fast storage (SSD / NVMe) Software: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Assumptions: We act as user hive with uid 1000 and HOME=/home/hive We use screen for convenience. We use /home/hive/datadir as a data dir for our node. Use cases: Simple, [See More on Hive...]

First Trade Show Was A Bust- Can't Win Them All- But One Would Be Nice

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I have been trying to launch a new 3D printed gardending products business. Well, this weekend was my first trade show, and sadly I didn't make a single sale. I had a great space, booth was very [See More on Hive...]

Water Proofing 3D Prints, Packing, and DIY Haircut Getting Ready for My Show

It was a day of getting stuff done. Your hustling dude has been a busy boy today getting all of the pots and buckets that will be holding water, well, water proofed. One issue with 3D printed pots and planters is that they don't always properly hold water right off [See More on Hive...]

Together We Hive Collection Now Available on the Hivelist Store

Hey there, Hive community! We're excited to re-introduce our latest collection of Hive-themed merchandise, designed to celebrate the unity and collaboration that makes our blockchain so special. Whether you're looking to update your wardrobe or enjoy your morning coffee with a touch of Hive pride, we've got something for you. [See More on Hive...]

Why We Need More Content Consumers on Hive

Hive has some incredible content creators, each bringing unique stories, insights, and a piece of them to the platform. But here's the catch: to truly thrive, Hive needs more than just a flood of posts. We need a surge of engagement from content consumers to create a balanced and living [See More on Hive...]

Are You Shorting Bitcoin Right Now? My Bear Case For a 40K Bitcoin

I hate to be a bear, but, the Weekly candle close on Bitcoin held the SELL signal of the Logical Trading Indicator PRO, which is really not a good thing for a bull market. On this long of a time frame, these signals can be very strong indicators of the [See More on Hive...]

Building The LED Light Rig For 3D Printed Hydro Garden

Today was kind of a pain, but the finished product was totally worth it. Finally finished up the LED light rig for my GroLogic Solutions Hydro Garden. I have never really worked with these LED light strips before in the way I was dealing with them. I was having to [See More on Hive...]

Zooming Around The Construction Site- FPV.SkyDive Drone Simulator

It's a really hot and muggy day out on the homestead, so instead of sweating myself to death on a Sunday, I am staying cool and doing some training flights in the good ole FPV drone simulator, FPV.SkyDive by Orqa. I am happy to report that I am very close [See More on Hive...]

‘How To Build Your Digital Empire On A Budget Using Digital and Physical Products, While Building Your Affiliate Army’ is about simply that, building your own online e-commerce business while you are on a budget. In today’s time, it is important to understand that anyone can start their own business, no matter what kind of budget you are on. 

This eBook contains most everything someone will need to know to get started on their journey to becoming a trader in the financial markets based on the author’s experience trying figure out how it all worked. We break things down into easy-to-understand topics that anyone can grasp!