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Last Night's Show Was AMAZING!

Last night, my daughter and I had the opportunity to see 4 amazing bands perform live! I have seen Rob Zombie a couple of different times, once in his early solo career, and the other with is former band, White Zombie, which is where my deviated septum came from, lol, [See More on Hive...]

Ready to Rock

Super pumped to metal out with my daughter for her 19th birthday as well as our going away bash! She is going off to college and I am moving across the country, so it's a good way to end this era in our lives and make a new yearly concert [See More on Hive...]

New Logical Trading Academy Video Intro

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In anticipation for my upcoming move to my new farm location and production studio, I am working on some new stock video content for my different channels, primarily the Logical Trading Academy! This is my new intro video for the Logical Trading Academy videos! I am [See More on Hive...]

Learning The Art of Patience in Trading and Life

As a novice trader, it's natural to be excited about diving into the realm of stocks, currencies, or cryptocurrencies. However, there's one essential lesson that seasoned traders emphasize above all else: the power of patience. In today's article I will talk more about how learning the art of patience will [See More on Hive...]

Life Lessons Learned Through Trading The Financial Markets

Trading in the financial markets has been an incredible journey for me. While it may seem like a world of numbers, charts, and profits, I've come to realize that the lessons I've learned in trading have had a profound impact on my life beyond the markets. In this article, I'd [See More on Hive...]

Logical Trading Indicator Version 1.1 Upgrade

The Logical Trading Indicator has become my new pet project. My goal is to create the best indicator possible for myself and my trading journey, as well as to share with you all! I hvae been working since the main release and have been cleaning up the original code a [See More on Hive...]

Hive Got That Big BUY Signal

Would you just look at that big fat green candle on the Hive 1 hour time frame! Isn't it pretty? If you have the Logical Trading Indicator, you can follow along and try to grab some gains on this bullish run! Hive recently hit some lows and created a big [See More on Hive...]

$5,000 BNB, CARIB, & NFT Prize Pool: CARIB Zealy Sprint II

The quest for CARIB continues on Zealy! 🌴 CARIB Zealy Sprint II Launch: Friday, Sept. 1st START HERE 🌊👉 After an epic time hosting our first Zealy Sprint in July, rewards have been distributed, the community is excited, and we are ready to continue the quest. The quest for [See More on Hive...]

Double bottom with higher lows and possible moving average cross is looking ...

... #bullish for $HIVE #charts #trading #hive #leo #pob [See More on Hive...]

No title

#RIP #jimmybuffet Hope you are having that cheeseburger in paradise! [See More on Hive...]

Get Your Copy of My Latest eBusiness Book

‘How To Build Your Digital Empire On A Budget Using Digital and Physical Products, While Building Your Affiliate Army’ is about simply that, building your own online e-commerce business while you are on a budget. In today’s time, it is important to understand that anyone can start their own business, no matter what kind of budget you are on. 

The book discusses different ways to start a business using digital products that can be resold, digital designs you purchase or make yourself that can be made into physical products and sold using processes like dropshipping. Also discussed is also how to build your affiliate marketing strategy behind your business to help it grow. That means getting other people to sell your products for you. If this peaks your interest, you might want to invest in yourself and read the rest of the book!