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Just a dude on a journey to health, wealth, happiness, and personal freedom

The Logical Dude

Hi, my name is Adam Vinsant. I am an experienced WordPress site designer with over 10 years experience creating dynamic WordPress websites and full scale web applications, everything ranging from standard blogs to massive e-commerce stores and social media platforms.

I started my technical and design career in the prepress print industry working on a number of large publications. After a string of corporate layoffs at the time, I found myself in my own freelancing career where I taught myself the ways of the WordPress. But then 2008 hit, things went a bit crazy, and I found myself back out in job hunting land.

After some time of working odd jobs, mustering up any DJ gigs I could pick up, and creating and closing a couple of different online businesses, I went to work for Apple where I became an Expert Product Specialist and Creative Media Professional.  I specialized in all of the iWork, iLife, and Professional Applications. Through them, I also became a Logic Pro X certified trainer and sound engineer. I worked in the retail side for the first half, then went to the corporate side where I had the luxury of working from home and focusing more on the Creative Media applications that I loved.

After 8 years with Apple (and discovering my place in the cryptocurrency space), I felt my time there had come to an end and it was time again for me to jump out on my own accord and build the business, or in my case businesses, I  wanted to build in an up and coming space. 

So join me on my journey by checking out any of my businesses, check out the blockchain based blog and videos, or lets chat about helping you with your journey into the cryptocurrency world!