Hello everyone! I am The Logical Dude and this is my little home on the interwebs. You may have found your way here through the Hive blockchain, and I appreciate you stopping by, if you found your way here through other means, why don’t you go check out Hive, it’s kind of the future of social media and web activity on the blockchain. You can get rewarded for things you do anyway, except on Hive, you own your data, there is no censorship, and the platform is completely decentralized so there is no one person with control.

I have been in the tech world for over 20 years, mainly working in graphic design and WordPress website development. I also have a bit of an alter ego in the form of my music side which is known as Groove Logic. I have been a DJ, producer, and sound engineer for years and I am also a certified Logic Pro X trainer.

If you are interested in starting a WordPress website for your blog or business and needs assistance, you can check out my new Services page for more information! Many people are needing to take their businesses online in this new world of social distancing, and don’t know how to start, well I can certainly help! I can help you get your online business jump started as soon as possible! If you already have an existing site, but need to update it, we can discuss that as well!