Logical NFTs

The Logical NFTs is a collection of 5000 pieces of random generated art that was created using a fork of the Hashlips NFT Generative Art Engine. The layers were all created using Photoshop.

There are 4 different layers for each NFT with different rarity levels. They are made up of a background, interior, logo, and text. Each option has several different color variations and styles. The colors of the backgrounds and logos correspond with different projects from the Logical Labs, the interiors were created using the liquify tool in Photoshop, and the text is what I consider some of my ‘catch’ words!

Hint, the silver and gold pieces are the most rare! And how about this for rare… Due to the way the Unlock Protocol smart contracts work, each wallet can only hold 1 NFT!

They will be minted for 10 pHBD, which is the Polygon wrapped version of the Hive Backed Dollar, giving it its first e-commerce use case! The funds are used to build The Logical DAO, which funds development, marketing, and overhead for the projects that I produce! Read more about The Logical DAO here!

You will be able to resell your NFT on Opensea, but holding it has more long term benefits such as exclusive pre-release information on projects, inclusion into other exclusive clubs like the upcoming BlockTunes Social Club, exclusive whitelisting for future NFT collections, dividends, and more!

Resell commission is set to 7.5% for creator cut and 2.5 of course for Opensea.

Mint Your Logical NFT!

We use the Unlock Protocol to safely and securely mint your NFTs. Simply connect with your choice of Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, or even create an Unlock Account and use that to sign in!

Swap HBD for pHBD

Get pHBD on Sushiswap when Trading From USDC

pHBD address on Polyscan: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x6D969cEA201e427d2875724Fd4E8044833fBc7f4