I’ve Been Busy Lately- Talking Current Projects, Career Moves, and more

Man, I have been going non stop the last few months and things are finally about to come into play on all ends! I have been really excited to make allot of the changes I have been making lately, mainly in the career move I am making. Some see it as a bit crazy during the pandemic, but I am leaving a nearly 8 year job with Apple to go completely independent. I am changing careers completely and really excited about it.

I recently started to deliver food on the side, started just before the pandemic started and it has done nothing but gotten better. I have been finding that I have been consistently making more money in less time doing my side gig than I am getting paid to do the job I am having to do for one of the richest companies in the world. It’s a bit crazy to think about it. But food services has always been my fall back. I am sick of the stress that I have to deal with when dealing with taking tech support calls. Plus, that job is the last tie down to anything or any dependency. My nomadic spirit needs to be free!

I am also wanting to spend time on the different projects I have going on and about to be jumping in on some content production.

One of those projects is https://coin-logic.com, which is a cryptocurrency market site much like CMC or CoinGecko, it actually uses Coin Gecko’s data. I am also including trending information, charts of coins I trade and watch, and bringing in the RSS feeds for most of the top crypto currency new sites. My plan is to really ramp up some crypto content through that site and posting it all to HIVE using Steempress. I want to focus more on projects, and ways for regular people to earn in crypto.

Another project has been one that I have been working on for years and that is in music. @groove-logic is the new account on HIVE for my music posts. I post from http://groovelogic.audio directly to HIVE using Steempress as well. For this I am wanting to get back into my music side with some DJ mixes, original productions, and scratch videos. I am going to posting all my content on HIVE. Trying to get away from all the mainstream garbage and focus on this beautiful up and coming community.

And now I have filled the last bit of my cup up with my newest project, Hivelist.io (@hivelist). A classifieds community on the HIVE blockchain! We needed a good marketplace so I am building one!

Anyway, being free from the corporate chains will allow me to conquer anything I want at this point! If you put your mind to it, you can to!

Be cool, Be Real, and always abide!