Now Accepting HIVE and HBD on The Store!

You can now pick up your products from The Logical Dude’s store using HIVE and HBD! So now you have the option to pay for your #weedcash and @canna-curate merch using HIVE and HBD! Really excited for this as this was something I have been wanting to do since HIVE began.

Thanks to @roomservice for saving me the time and reworking the Woocommerce Steem plugin for WordPress sites so that we can now build stores and accept HIVE and HBD! If you are interested in using the plugin, check out his post below:

This will be huge for and I will be soon offering a service through @hivelist that I will build you a blog site that posts to HIVE and a store to sell any products in that will accept HIVE and HBD! Working on the finishing touches for that service soon!

This new WordPress plugin will open up a whole new world and give Hive another big use case!

Be cool, be real, and abide!