Welcome to My New Online Home


I am excited to get this new site up and running! Here I will be posting all my blog and video posts that will also be published to the STEEM blockchain so the content will always live no matter what! Anyway, if you don’t know me yet, my name is Adam and I am The Logical Dude! I am just a dude that is on a life journey of finding true health, wealth, happiness, and above all, personal freedom!

Anyway, this site is still coming up and growing. Will be adding a full merchandise store as I incorporate allot of the designs from my other site, theshirtdude.com over to this site. Trying to bring all my branding into one place really. Trying to simplify my life as much as possible.

I will be incorporating a mix of written blog posts as well as videos that will be uploaded here directly to the website and published to STEEM as well as uploaded to The Logical Dude YouTube channel.

This site is also a Brave browser verified site so tipping in Basic Attention Token is always greatly appreciated!

Anyway all, that is all for me right now, just wanted to get the initial post up from my new site, really just a test more than anything to see if the SteemPress connection works properly.

Have a great day all!

Be Cool, Be Real, and alway ABIDE!