Buying CBD and Hemp with WEED and HIVE! Also other updates from the Dude!


CBD and Hemp Products on!

Yep! I was able to secure a US based distributor for the! This distributor is giving me the ability to be able to add CBD and Hemp products to the store! They also have allot of really nice smoking products and such so I am replacing all of the accessory products on the store with the new ones from this distributor. This will make for much better shipping times for the majority of our community as they are US based and they do ship to Canada as well! So you can now buy weed with WEED, lol! I know this has been a dream of @richardcrill since he launched the Weedcash Network. I am glad I could find a way to make it happen!

Once I am able to get all of the products added to the site, which takes time, I will also be giving the store a bit more of a facelift. It will be getting it’s own page set aside from just being build into my store on The address will still point to but it will be more built around Weedcash. Because of the way I have the merch already setup, it would be too much work to completely separate it, so you will still see my header at the top, but it will have more weedcash centric links and such on the sidebar. Anyway, it will be cool when it is done!



What’s Happening with Hivelist

Hivelist is off and running on it’s own at this point! In a recent @hivelist post, I mentioned that we were able to add some new post tags that will trigger the Hivelist bot that will send your post to and give you the ability to earn LIST tokens. Those tags are as follows:









If you are posting an add, make sure sure to also add more descriptive tags for your item, service, or post, this will help the search engines as the community grows. We are still a small new community here on Hive and just trying to do what we can to help grow the commerce community here on Hive.

Also, we are working hard on sourcing products for our digital downloads section that will be coming soon on the! This is taking some time, and money, to get the correct master licenses for the content so we can have the rights to resell the content legally. We are toying around with the idea to allow Hive members to be able to sell content as well, just trying to figure out the details on how to make that work properly. May just look into a submission form and monthly payouts like we are planning for, but those details will come later on.

Some of the team is currently on vacation so things are moving a bit slower, not to mention, I have had to put allot of focus on the businesses that are actually paying the bills at the moment.

on that note…

Services page coming soon!

I am about to launch a full WordPress site building and hosting service on the main site,! This page is the new priority and will hopefully be built in the next day or two. I will be offering more on this site than is on the Hivelist Hivecommerce services page. This is going to be more of a white glove service, or this this dude’s case, green glove service, haha.  I will be offering full on webmaster services for businesses that need help with their online needs. I am excited to get this done and out there on the market!

Putting the Brakes on… For now…

So yeah, found out that do build a legit crowdfunding site and not get into any legal trouble with it, we are going to have to create an LLC around Hivefunding and get it registered with the US SEC. Fun times, lol. Anyway, it will come, but due to this new info that has come up, it will just take what is looking like a couple of months to get it all set up properly as a Funding provider with the SEC. Stupid government red tape crap. My first thought was to say screw it and just do it, but… I would like to not have to pay a crap ton of fines later on… So instead of just dropping the project that I have spent money and time on, which is needed in our ecosystem, well, it is available on but, there is plenty of room for what we are offering on the ecosystem. So we are going to go forward with getting all the correct paperwork done and get this out hopefully by the fall.

Other Personal Stuff

So yeah, the last month has been a bit crazy, as if it isn’t for everyone, lol. But yeah, once I left Apple and started my new journey, I have been extremely busy with building my delivery service business, Hivelist and all of the other sites that are coming along with it. I kinda hit a wall earlier in the month and really had to take a bit of a break from things that were not paying the bills. Which I am grateful that I was able to get out of credit card debt for the most part at this point! But… having to add a bit more because I just purchased a used car for the delivery service business so that I am not destroying my van, which also my home, and need to save a crap ton in gas. The $20 a day I have to spend in this beast really adds up when you are doing circles around town, lol. The new car was helping with that… until the what I think may be a fuel pump issue caused me to break down the other night, thankfully on my last delivery. Got it towed and looks like will be next week before I get it back, but it is good because they are going to do a full diagnosis and check everything out for me and get it all working properly. Just my life with cars, lol. Anyway, that’s life, sometimes you throw strikes and sometimes you through gutters, but it is all in how you abide!


Be cool, be real, and abide!