Smoking Accessories Now Available in the and!


I am happy to announce that the now has smoking accessories that you can purchase with WEED tokens! It kinda made since to find a supplier to be able to get some items in the store!

All items on the store are all either sourced or print on demand. I do not hold any inventory and don’t have any control over shipping times. But hey, we have stuff on the store that can be purchased with our tokens! Trying to bring a new use case to HIVE, HBD, WEED, and other Hive Engine tokens!

The Canna Curate store also has the same items, being that they are both really just categories on my store,, so I added the smoking accessories there as well. I haven’t gotten the Canna Curate store sorted into categories yet, but will get there as well as getting some new apparel up. Been kinda busy, so having to compartmentalize my time a bit.

I was trying out a new plugin on the store that will also be added to the package for the #hivecommerce sites on Now that I know it works, and it is a free plugin, it’s game on for the new!

Anyway, I love this community and really glad I was able to find a way to use my existing skills to be able to build a project on Hive! I am really excited for the future of Hive and the future of HiveCommerce!


Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

The Logical Dude