Looking for Musicians with Original Music for HiveTunes Beta!


That’s right! I am finally ready to start working on the alpha and beta test for Hivetunes.io! It is still under construction until I can get some music to get uploaded! I am going to start uploading the entire @groove-logic discography this week to get it up and ready! I am looking for 20 artists that have music they want to sell for Hive! The first 20 artist will be given 1 free release and promotion in posts and on social media, and the chance to be apart of the beginning of something that could be huge!

What I am looking for are artists here on the Hive blockchain that have original music that you want to release on the Hivetunes.io music store! This will enable artists to sell their music and earn crypto MONTHLY! Yes, Hivetunes will be breaking the mold of the traditional industry and paying our artist out every month versus every quarter like most other platforms!

If you already have music you have released on major platforms like Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc… You can still sell your music here! Unless you are under label contract, and if so, please have your label representative contact me! I have been in an out of the music industry over 20 years and have dealt with all kind of label reps, managers, aggregators, etc, so I know the ins and outs of getting music published.

If you have music that you have not yet released, and want to but don’t know where to get started, well, I will be able to help you there as well! I will be offering different release packages:

  • Singles and albums for HiveTunes only options
  • Standard releases for HiveTunes as well as the major platforms
  • Pro releases for HiveTunes as well as the major platforms, plus PRO registration and sync licensing


I am also be offering mixing and mastering services through my production service, Groove Logic Productions.

So if you are interested in being apart of the initial launch of what could be an amazing platform on HIVE, please comment on this post, or come join the HiveTunes Discord server!

Have a great week all!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!