New His and Her’s Glass Spoon Bundle on the!


I have added some really awesome products to the! I am really excited about getting in with this new distributor that has some great products! @richardcrill got the first order from the new store and I know it shipped out really quick!

But here is a great example of some of the items we have on the store!

Description from product:

“This is a  “His & Hers” Bundle!  We’ve taken our popular pink and blue pipes and bundled them together – perfect for a gift for that special someone, or just to treat yourselves to a little something nice.  Grab a spoon for your sweetheart, and get one for yourself too!

SUPER THICK GLASS!  These super thick, high quality, hand-blown glass hand pipes (aka “spoons”) are too gorgeous to pass up.  They fit comfortably in your hand, and have a nice weight and heft to them, and are rugged pieces.

This is a bundle, but we do of course offer them individually as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The photos show a representation of this style of pipe.  Each actual piece is individually handmade, so there may be slight variations from piece to piece.  We try hard to make sure they’re as absolutely close as possible to the image shown, but you are not purchasing this exact, specific piece shown.”


There is a bunch of really awesome glass pieces available and more to come as my distributor adds more, which they have more coming in the next week!

Come get your His and Her’s glass pipes for a great combo price! All pieces are handmade and shipped from the US!

HIS AND HERS Bundle! Multi-Colored Glass Spoons with Pink and Blue Swirls







Have a great day!

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