Weedcash.store is Now Live!

weedcash store


So I have been hard at work the last couple of days working on a few different websites. One was my website, https://thelogicaldude.com which I completely redesigned to a much better layout and theme than the other layout and I like this format allot more.

Anyway, with this, I also decided to purchase the domain, http://weedcash.store and linked it to the official Weedcash merch I have on my store. This will be a redirect so you will end up on https://thelogicaldude.com

So if you want to get you some #weedcash gear, or even some @canna-curate gear as well, go check out the shop! There are also other categories and designs and such. I just wanted to have a direct link for the #weedcash community! Anyway, more products will be coming soon for both stores! 

And don’t forget, you can now pay with Hive and HBD on the site!